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E-learning Homepage Redesign


How might we improve the homepage experience of Lambda Solutions' e-commerce product?


The scope of this project was to redesign the homepage experience (including header and footer) of an e-learning product that Lambda Solutions' sell to their customers, who then customize it to sell their own training courses online. 


By researching and leveraging the UX and UI work of many popular e-learning platforms (e.g. Udemy, edX, Coursera), the homepage now includes modern e-learning design trends that ensure an intuitive and familiar experience for users while also feeling more professional and trustworthy.

Impact & Outcomes

The final design was handed off to the developers using InVision but still needs to be built and implemented into the e-learning product offered by Lambda Solutions.


  • UX / UI Design


  • Sketch
  • InVision


Research e-learning design trends and patterns

A lot of the preliminary effort was spent researching common design trends and patterns on many popular e-learning platforms (e.g. Udemy, Coursera, eDX) and businesses in order to determine what should be included in the redesigned experience.

Two iterations of medium-fidelity wireframes were designed with feedback sessions after each with the VP of Product prior to the final deliverable (next section).

Demo 8 Old Design
Demo 8 Dropdown Old


A modernized e-learning experience

Two important objectives of the redesign were to ensure that users would be able to navigate and search for courses/programmes more easily than before and to ensure that the interface looked more professional and trustworthy which would increase the likelihood that a customer would purchase a training course from the business if they found what they needed.

Now the "old" design already had familiar content sections (e.g. Benefits/Features, Testimonials, Products) found in other popular e-learning platforms, however, the redesign also added two powerful e-learning design trends. The first, an omnipresent dynamic course/programme search field in the header was added to ensure that users on any page of the website would be able to easily and quickly discover/find courses. And the second, a CTA in the header which is a multi-level menu showing course categories and courses to reduce cognitive load yet promote at-a-glance information recognition.

Demo 8 Redesigned
Demo 8 Dropdown Redesigned


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© 2019 Ivan Rickard Liow 


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