I’m Ivan, a UX/UI designer with a background in web development at a startup where my main role (of many) was to figure things out and make things work.

From this experience, I've learned to be highly adaptable to ambiguous and changing responsibilities but perhaps, more importantly, I appreciate how crucial it is to understand users in order for the business to be successful.

As a designer, I bring this experience into my process which revolves around human-centred design thinking. I thrive in a cross-functional team environment and by focusing on, understanding, and addressing the core needs of users, I am able to deliver useful and usable solutions that have a valuable impact for them and the business. 

When I’m not designing things for other people's ideas, I enjoy video games, CrossFit,  creating “exotic” cheap ramen recipes, and letting people know about my pet project, RescU.


Having grown up in Singapore and going on many family holidays, I've always been a big fan of shooting wildlife... with a camera. This collage contains animals from Malaysia, Madagascar, and Costa Rica.


© 2019 Ivan Rickard Liow 


© 2019 Ivan Rickard Liow 


© 2019 Ivan Rickard Liow