About Me

I’m Ivan, a Product Designer based out of Vancouver, BC and earlier this year, I decided to transition to a career in Product/UX Design because of an ever-increasing desire to create “something” that would integrate mental health with animals, fitness, and gaming.

My journey into the design world has taken quite a few turns. In 2015, I graduated with a BSc. in Oceanography & Biology from UBC as I had thought that a career in science was the way to go. Upon graduating, however, I decided that I was more interested in learning the wizardry of coding and so I enrolled in a web development programme at Lighthouse Labs (Oct 2015). 

With my newly acquired skills, I went on to work as a web developer for three years at a four-person digital marketing agency. Initially, I absolutely loved how rewarding the work was as I would bring designs to life and had to learn many tools and skills on-the-fly which was both very exciting and challenging. However, towards the end of my time there, I was no longer able to envision myself as a senior developer and started searching for other career paths that I thought would lead to a more fulfilling life.

At first, I meddled with the idea of becoming a visual effects compositor. However, being in the VFX industry would not help me achieve my goal of creating "something". So I decided to take a closer look at "user experience design" which had become a term I was hearing and reading about more often. As I began to understand the work and skills involved, what caught my attention was the excitement growing within me as I learned more about it. I realized that if I became a product/user experience designer, I could then apply those skills in order to create that “something”.

And so I enrolled in the UX Design programme at BrainStation (Mar 2015). It has been one of the most fulfilling and illuminating experiences in my life so far. This is because I feel empowered by being able to identify and understand problems that people experience which then allows me to design compelling solutions for them. Because of learning UX Design, I have now achieved my goal of taking steps to create “something”, specifically, it is a mobile application called  RescU and integrates mental health with animals. Currently (Sept 2019), I am fleshing out the intricacies of this service and figuring out how I could initiate a pilot test.


Having grown up in Singapore and going on many family holidays, I've always been a big fan of shooting wildlife... with a camera. This collage contains animals from Malaysia, Madagascar, and Costa Rica.


© 2019 Ivan Rickard Liow 


© 2019 Ivan Rickard Liow 


© 2019 Ivan Rickard Liow